Exciting News! We're relocating to 26 Brocks Drive GU33NQ starting May 28th!


We are able to diagnose, and repair wired and wireless network issues, and add new devices to an existing network e.g., PCs, Laptops, printers, NAS drives Etc. Set up wireless extenders/access points.
If you have been a victim of a scam or have viruses/malware etc on your device or are worried about security we can scan and clean your devices and remove any potentially unwanted applications. If you require a security product to keep your device protected we have been a reseller for BullGuard Security for nearly 10 years and can supply discounted products.
We are always happy to assist in password/account recovery for Windows/Mac and applications providing you are able to provide proof of ownership. The most common request is Email passwords as they are generally stored in applications and only required when setting up a new device.
Before attempting any repairs we always ask the customer if they have a current backup, if not, we can arrange to backup customers data to a suitable storage device. This is a chargeable service, but we would advise this is done as we are not responsible for any loss of data in the event of hardware failure, virus or other cause.
We endeavor to repair most computers on-site if called out but there are some circumstances where it's either not possible due to the complexity of the repair or it’s not cost-effective. We always discuss repairs before home/office visits and advise the customer if we think it's likely the computer will require a workshop repair.
We are able to carry out some basic repairs such as paper feed issues and connection problems. Unfortunately, most spare parts are unavailable from the manufacturers at this time. Give us a call, we may be able to help.
We aim to carry out inspections and provide a verbal estimate within 24hrs of booking in. Once agreed, most repairs are carried out same day unless parts are required and not in stock. Customers are always given regular updates on the progress of each job.
We operate from 9:30 am-5:30 pm Monday to Friday and 10 am-12 pm Saturdays. We would advise all customers to call ahead before visiting the shop as it's sometimes unmanned during these hours when we are working on-site.
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